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Whoa! The meaning of life, Jeramy?  Really?

Well sure, why not? This is a pretty abstract and, (hopefully), profound post for me tonight.  After working a lot on the Souls of Astraeus audiobook as well as its follow-up, I wrapped this weekend up by watching the 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions.  It was a great group of inductees this year, and many of them mean a lot to me.  As I watched the Hall of Fame inductions, I found myself thinking of the meaning of life.  Being a composer, music has a huge impact on me, and more recently, writing has become music’s partner in affecting my life greatly.

Music and writing have humbled me more than I’ll ever be able to say.  They’ve made me, and continue to help me, stop and constantly redefine my priorities in life and be thankful for everything that has ever happened to me.

But most importantly, they’ve completely answered what the meaning of life is for me.  Where we as individuals are bombarded daily with every imaginable philosophy and argument for this or that stance, music and writing have helped me choose the loving and sharing-of-love path, as much as possible.  Philosophy, semantics, facts and persuasion can be used to justify any walk of life or thought.  They can, and I know that now.  Everything can be used or twisted to justify any point.  Every argument for or against something is a wash, which means we can choose every single thing we want to do or believe.  Music and writing have helped me make the conscious decision to avoid nihilism and seek out meaning instead, and to help others have meaning.  They have helped me deny and work to destroy hate, and give and accept only love.  They have helped me look forward to enjoying those who are different than me and what makes them different than me.

So, in summation, it’s not that music and writing have helped me think I have the answer, but that they have helped me realize that I have a choice in creating my life’s meaning.

– Jeramy

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