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I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not I wanted to record an audiobook version of Souls of Astraeus, and I’ve decided to go ahead with it.  I’m planning an audiobook! It makes sense, for a few key reasons:

  • It’s another way to get my book out to folks, especially considering I can pretty much do it at no cost (for the subsequent reasons below)
  • Being a composer, (among other things), I have experience with sound engineering, recording and mastering.
  • I have the equipment to produce and record/narrate.
  • Much like my self-publishing process, I can do it from start to finish and retain 100% control.

Before I continue, I know I mention “retaining control” a lot.  And it’s with good reason.  I believe everyone who is passionate about something they’ve artistically created should be able to retain 100% control over how it’s produced and presented.  Once it’s presented, it’ll take on a life of its own.  But until then, if someone takes the time to research a particular process correctly, they should be able to do better by their product than any middleman ever can.

So yeah, I’ll be starting work on the audiobook version of Souls of Astraeus fairly soon, and I’m super excited.  I’ve just about finished setting my studio back up after unpacking things, (we moved a few months ago), so we’ll be ready to rock shortly!

– Jeramy

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