Today was a pretty rough day.  No need to get into specifics here, but rough days, bad days… they help me keep things in perspective.  They help me constantly re-evaluate my priorities, what I want, what I want to do, what I want to give and do, for others.  And these just aren’t abstract platitudes I’m spouting off during philosophical introspection, but things that actively guide me during any given day.

This has a heavy influence on my writing, obviously. Anything that helps me define my priorities helps me place value on the right things.  And for me, the rights things are people, family, relationships and interactions with them, as well as how I value myself and value others.  In turn, the relationships, emotions and interactions benefit in my writing.  They make everything more sincere and empathetic.  Hopefully, if people can relate to the characters more because they’re more empathetic, then one of my stories may help someone.  Maybe someone can feel more confident, more loved, less alone, less afraid… anything that might benefit their life and make them enjoy it more.

– Jeramy

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