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I’m a very thankful writer.  More specifically, I’m thankful to be an author.  I worked for years on my first book through many a hiatus and experienced many periods of dread, doubt, lack of confidence and pretty much every emotion that could have possibly prevented me from finishing my book.  I’m pretty confident that every writer goes through the same stuff, so I’m sure I speak for many of them as well when I say that I hope everyone gets to feel the satisfaction of doing something that allows them to express themselves the way writing a book does.

I’m a composer as well, and writing music was my first passion and initial method of expressing myself, but I felt limited in the scope of what I could communicate through music.  The music I wrote seemed only to be able to catch a mood or a moment in time.  And while that’s probably how it should work, I wanted to be more direct… less abstract.  I wanted to be able to express myself without any ambiguity and provide a way to present an approach to a given topic and hopefully begin a dialogue with others.

In summation, I hope everyone finds a way to be able to express themselves, without fear of intimidation or humiliation.  Find a way you feel comfortable doing it and pursue it at all costs.

– Jeramy

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