Thoughts on September 11th


Hey all,

Before I get into my thoughts on September 11th, I wanted to congratulate Double Decker Books for winning my signed hard cover and audiobook giveaway. The contest ended tonight, so I wanted to acknowledge them, and thank everyone for participating.

Now, to the more important topic.  9-11. It’s a very important anniversary to me, as it is millions of other Americans. I didn’t lose anyone I personally knew that day, and I can’t imagine what that would have felt, and probably still feels, like.

I can only speak to something I gained, or something that I already had that has done nothing but strengthen since that day, thirteen years ago. It’s my love and appreciation for our country and what it stands for… We stand for everyone. We stand for everyone and everything they dream. Everything they are or think. Everyone has a place here.

Now, while we are far from a perfect nation, and while we are not the only country that strives for this concept, the anniversary of 9-11 simply refills my reservoir of hope that the whole world can truly someday appreciate all of its wonderful diversity.

Peace and love to all.

– Jeramy

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