Website tweaks


So, I knew all along that I’d need to do some re-branding and website tweaks after I finished Souls of Astraeus, but it came along a bit quicker than I expected. I realized shortly after I had launched the book that I’d want to point all future web traffic to a consolidated domain that represented me *and* all of my books, rather than a separate domain *and* website for each book.

Website tweaks
Pardon our mess. Well, actually, everything’s finished.

I already had the domain, (obviously, as it’s where this blog lives), so I just changed my graphics and such to direct folks to  I’ve tweaked my main website to reflect the new focus, (away from, changed some links and such, and I’m all set!  Also, I simply set to redirect to, so, the tweaks and changes should be seamless and slick!


– Jeramy

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Twitter: @JeramyGoble

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