Audiobook is live!


Ladies and gentlepeople, the Souls of Astraeus audiobook is LIVE! It was a bit of a pain to get the recording where I wanted it to be, but after moving recording equipment around, tweaking acoustics in my studio, getting new equipment and being very patient with the process, I got it where it needed to be.

I submitted it through ACX earlier this week, and after an initial audio quality check, ACX linked the audiobook version of Souls of Astraeus to the page with the Kindle version, paperback and hard cover. Neat!

Audiobook is live!
Audiobook is live!

To celebrate, I am running a 99 cent special for the Kindle version of Souls of Astraeus through the end of 8/24/2014! It can be purchased here:

But, there’s more, (hehe)! Those who sign up for my newsletter, (you can do so via the sign up box towards the top left of my blog here, or by clicking the link to sign up for my newsletter on my main website, (, will be entered in a daily raffle, (again, through the end of 8/24/14), for a free Audible code to get a free copy of the audiobook!

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