Conquering setbacks


I’m not one for being defeated and like conquering setbacks as quickly as I can. The most recent example is my initial recording of the Souls of Astraeus audiobook. I had taken a few weeks to record, (and re-record), my book, to finally arrive at a finished product, only to discover after trying to overcome it via engineering, that it just wasn’t as high a quality product that I wanted it to be.

So, I had to take some time to figure out how I wanted to proceed.  First, I realized that the recording was too noisy.  The microphone I had initially used was crappy, and the computer I was using to run my recording software from was in the room and too loud.  The room I was doing the recording in was great though.  I had previously bought a bunch of acoustic treatments and made the room perfect for recording.  There were a few different routes I could take in terms of making the recording quieter, but I ended up on running a few cables out of the room so that I could get my computer case out of the room. I also paid to get a much high quality microphone.

A few weeks and a new recording of my book later, it’s done and pending review by ACX!  I’m *VERY* excited.  I had a blast recording it and am very proud of the final, new recording. It’s a very clean and engaging recording. I can’t wait for folks to check it out!

Conquering setbacks
The Souls of Astraeus audiobook is almost ready!

The ACX website says it takes about 10-14 business days for the audio quality check to take place, so with any luck, it should be available soon, in addition to the Kindle, paperback and hard cover versions!

Keep an eye out!

– Jeramy

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  1. Congrats! Just finished mine too, last week. ACX approved it BUT I was worried. Hard to get it perfect. Especially when you’re a perfectionist. Recorded it in a quiety barn with a decent mic/p-pop filter on a ZOOM digital recorder. Edited it on Premiere Pro.
    “Creepy Clown: #audiobook sample:

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