Bad word count days


Well, today was one of those bad word count days.  They suck.  They make the voice in the back of your head shout, “Hey loserface!  Ha haaa!  You didn’t accomplish what you wanted to today!  Ha haaaa!  You’re never going to finish this!  Muahaha loserface!”

The reason doesn’t matter.  Whether it’s laziness, distractions, interruptions, mood, food, family, kids, job, whatever, bad word count days are rough on a writer.  At the end of the day, don’t beat yourself up.  Don’t resent the people or reason for not making as much progress as you wanted to.  Think ahead to the next day or time you think you can focus on writing and start planning on how to attack it.  Don’t feel like you have to “double-up” on your writing goals to make up for it.  Don’t feel bad.  LIFE HAPPENS.  Just move on, make your new goal for the next time and get excited about it.  Again, life happens.

You just have to chalk bad word count days up and not look back.  They get easier to overcome mentally as you write more and more.  Just as with anything else, the more you practice, the easier it is to do it and overcome obstacles preventing you from accomplishing those goals.

Long story short.. don’t be hard on yourself or dwell on the reasons you have bad word count days.  Plan for the next writing opportunity, press on and enjoy it.

– Jeramy

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