Taking forced writing breaks


Taking forced writing breaks may or may not be popular with some writers, but I find that they help me.  I could refer to this as simply scheduling the days you want to write, and it could be like a schedule for some of you, but I’m referring to taking spontaneous breaks.  I’m not necessarily talking about long hiatuses of weeks or months, but maybe only a day or two, even if you’re chomping at the bit to write and have a head full of ideas.

taking forced writing breaks

If I’ve been writing straight for three, four or five days, and still have plenty of things I want to get down for the next day, I’ll sometimes force myself to take a day off.  It seems to help me refine my next day’s work, and even expand on ideas or approach them from a better direction.  Give it a shot if you like.  If you don’t really struggle with willpower or finding time to write, force yourself to take a day off when you find yourself sitting down to write next, and see if you surprise yourself with what develops next time.

– Jeramy

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