Setting the mood


Setting the mood is one of my favorite things.  Candles. Music. Incense.  Awww yeah!

Let’s get our write on!

Seriously though, setting the mood for a productive writing session is very important.  We all know that the needs of every writer vary.  Some people only need a quite room and a typewriter.  Other folks need an expansive beach view with wind chimes.  For me, music and/or background movies are a must.  I love having the sites and sounds of other worlds around me.  I love to immerse myself in related moods to what I’m trying to convey in whatever work in progress I’m working on at that moment.  Sure, someone might find those distracting, which comes to the main point of this post…

Make sure you customize your environment so that it is as conducive to productivity as possible, and that it does everything it can to assist with making ideas, dialogue, whatever, spring from your fingers.  Don’t let anyone disturb your preparations.  Don’t waste time giving any attention to someone who might make fun of you for getting your writing environment set up, (ie. siblings, roommates). Whether it’s your room, a basement, a porch, a beach, a closet, a bathtub, claim it and make it yours.  Do as much as you can to make it your little haven of encouragement, inspiration and positivity.  Sure, we all have to make do with what we have sometimes, but you deserve to work towards your own optimal writing nook.

– Jeramy

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