Inspiration is obviously an incredibly important element of writing.  It’s something that is sought after, craved, and precious to every writer.  It’s as important to the aspiring author about to graduate high school, as it is to the most prolific writers of all time.  It presents itself in numerous forms, and at random times.  The challenge though, is to capture it.  Sure, it sounds easy enough, but we all know there are countless interruptions and distractions that sometimes make us miss out on it.

What’s the secret?  Is there even a secret?  I don’t know that there is.  But, as with anything else, we have to constantly work to improve, and in this case, improve on our ability to capture inspiration.

I was thinking about this while doing a bunch of yard work this weekend.  I’d take breaks here and there and look out at the mountains that make up the view from our home.  While doing so, I’d have thoughts of plot elements I wanted to include in my current works in progress, character quirks I wanted to include, etc.  What did I do?  I whipped out my cell phone and made a quick list of the things I wanted to remember for later.

Yeah, I’m sure many of us do stuff like this from time to time, but the point I’m making here, is to just encourage you to keep making a point to make note of your inspiration, and to those who need the reminder, I wanted to provide some inspiration to help make sure you don’t miss out on that next gem.

– Jeramy

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