We need diverse books!


We need diverse books! (Trending Twitter hashtag: #WeNeedDiverseBooks)

Why?  Because diversity makes everything better.  It makes everyone’s life better.  In the style of Oprah as she points to various people, “Your life will be better! Your life will be better! Your life will be better!”  It’s very sad that in this day in age, we have to get into a “what’s in it for me?” type of explanation of something, but for those who need it, I’ll explain it:

As others have said, diversity breeds empathy.  It shows one how to walk in others’ shoes.  It also breeds respect.  Respect allows for constructive interactions between any given amount of parties and genuine exchanges of thoughts and ideas.

Diversity helps break the backhanded glass ceiling of tolerance.  Who wants to just be tolerated?  Tolerating someone is merely saying to them, “I’ll stop just short of beating or shouting down your thoughts and progress because I know better than you.”

Diversity and respect say to someone, “Hey, you matter.  You are an equal.  What you think and lend should be considered just as valuable as what I think and lend.”

This philosophy is a big part of who I am and influences my writing, especially in my book, SOULS OF ASTRAEUS.  Growing up in a military family with a loving and respectful father, and a strong mother and sister, I traveled and lived abroad, as well as in the states, seeing from an early age those who were different than me.  I enjoyed their differences, engaged them about those differences and incorporated elements of their worlds/cultures in my life.  You know what was cool?  They engaged me back and enjoyed what I had to share.

Acknowledging and promoting diversity does nothing to take away from any particular demographic… more people need to realize that.  There is no “concession” in that realization.  You don’t become lesser of a person in making that realization.  It makes you a better person.

This world, the people on it, and all of our differences are good, fun, and exciting.

All my best,

– Jeramy

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