Kindle Free Promotion Starts Today!


My Kindle free promotion starts today for Souls of Astraeus!  I’m posting an additional post outside of my previously announced schedule, because this is just too much fun!  It’s been a crazy day, (so far), of posting, Tweeting, Facebooking, following up with sites I submitted my book to, and all that good stuff!  There have been hashtags, retweets, replies, Facebook posts, emails, forum posts, replies, and all kinds of other fun stuff!  kindle free promotionThis is actually what I should have done 6 months ago when I first published Souls of Astraeus, but I didn’t realize all I could do with Amazon’s KDP Select program initially.

I don’t mind the delay on doing the Kindle free promotion though.  Everything up until any given point in time is a learning experience, and I learned plenty of things that I’ll do differently for my next book.  It all comes down to being proud of what I’m putting out there, (my book, the website, the blog, etc.), being able to retain control, and *enjoying* sharing my book with folks.

So far right now, Souls of Astraeus has made it up to 25th spot on the Science Fiction free bestseller’s list on Amazon.  Neato!

We have two more full days to go, through the end of May 1st.

– Jeramy

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