Paranormal Activiblah


Well, my wife and I watched Paranormal Activiblah tonight.  Oh, sorry… by Paranormal Activiblah, I mean Paranormal Activity 5.  We have loved the series for the most part. Between the twists in plot, new characters, shifting time periods and of course, the different camera angles, we’ve held on and enjoyed each of them on their own merits.  Well, that’s how we felt until we watched the most recent one anyway.

The ending is completely confusing.  It’s led up to poorly and doesn’t make sense at all in regards to the rest of the movie.

Up until then, it fumbles along with a combination of very predictable scares we’ve seen before in the previous films, and silly scare gimmicks that make a person laugh instead of scream.

Paranormal Activiblah
Wake me up for the credits.

It’s very obvious the series has run out of steam, and even though five movies is a good run before running out, I hope they’re done with the franchise before it gets any worse.

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