I can’t believe I forgot to post about my tattoo when I got it.  It was during the few weeks I was crazy busy recently.  I got it at Invidia Tattoo in Asheville, NC.  The artist who did it is Tina McFarland.  She and the entire staff at Invidia are amazing.  The shop has an amazing vibe, feels incredibly welcoming and was a blast from start to finish.  I’ll be headed in this coming Friday (7/25) for some touch-ups and to plan for my next one.  Woooooo!  But yeah, I just can’t say enough about Tina and everyone at Invidia.  I can’t believe how well Tina translated Jonathan Powell’s art for my book, SOULS OF ASTRAEUS to a mind-blowing tattoo.

So in love with this thing.

– Jeramy

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